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  1. Thank you Esther, very sincerely.
    I am trying to understand my buying and listening options. Spotify seems to only have one album. I am interested in your entire album collection for self.
    I am hoping to buy and then have it on my iphone and ipad 24/7 without having to go to your delightful blog. Is there anyway I can do this.
    May Yehovah bless you and yours.
    I am so grateful to have found you.

    1. Hi Suzanne, there are 50 songs on spotify at the moment. You can also download the free mp3s available on the song pages on this site for your personal use. The songs are not on sale as they have been offered as free downloads. All the songs are also available on Youtube. Hope this helps. Blessings.

  2. Not since Keith Green have I met an artist who has made their music free. Thank you! As soon as I figure out how to get your songs on my ipod, I'll be happy to bless your ministry back. I am humbled and blessed by your heart.

  3. Dear Esther and all that are involved in making these beautiful songs,

    when Jesus saved me, I believe, he used your music, too, to save me and to teach me. I felt like I got "introduced" by God to your Scripture songs, especially the Psalms.
    I did not really understand a lot, but.... wow, I believed. And before I started to read the Bible as a believer, it seemed to me like God was teaching me for a while through music.

    It was in 2016 when I got saved by Jesus and I still enjoy your music and it seems right to me to say: T H A N K Y O U! I am really grateful for your work and that I can listen to Gods Word and your music, for free.

    May the Lord bless you,

  4. I have been listening to your wonderful songs for about 4 months and love that I can learn scriptures as well as worship my Creator and King. Thank you for using what God gave you to bless others.

    Is the anyway I cant buy all your song on cds for my car hasn't got a USB port?

    I world rather bless you a with money as what I will receive is eternal blessing. and it would take at least a full day to download them what I can and burn them to cd. So this could be a new product.

    Its amazing and very humble that you offer you song for free.

    you have other songs that absolutely love and Im just not sure where i can buy a cd of copy them.

  5. God bless you Esther Mui. am from Kenya and we listen to your songs EVERYDAY with my family.They really bless our souls daily.blessings

  6. Yet another treasure found among a sea of Christian Music Artists with strong Scriptural based lyrics and beautiful piano medleys, as an alternative to the current Contemporary Pop Rock Christian Radio. God Bless You for bringing your all in these God-given talents!

  7. Maybe coming out with CD's might be a good idea.