Songs of Mercy (2013)

01 Psalm 111:2-10 Holy and Awesome is His Name
02 Psalm 16:5-11 At Your Right Hand are Pleasures Forevermore
03 Micah 7:18-20 Who is a God Like You?
04 Hosea 6:1-6 Come, and Let Us Return to the Lord
05 Psalm 43:3-5 To God, My Exceeding Joy
06 Daniel 9:16-19 O Lord, Hear! O Lord, Forgive! O Lord, Listen and Act!
07 Psalm 85 Restore Us, O God of Our Salvation
08 Psalm 67 God Be Merciful to Us
09 Romans 12:1-2 A Living Sacrifice
10 Isaiah 12 Great is the Holy One of Israel
11 Psalm 149 He will Beautify the Humble with Salvation
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Introduction (by K.W. Mui & Rebekah Mui)

Within the recesses of the Ark of the Covenant, the Ten Commandments written on stone were placed at God's command, and above the tablets of law, covering the Ark, sat the mercy seat upon which the High Priest would sprinkle the blood of the sacrificial lamb on the Day of Atonement. Mercy triumphed and yet triumphs over judgment for those who show mercy (James 2:13, Matthew 5:7) Mercy is a blessed providence of the God who is merciful (Psalms 103:8), gracious, and full of compassion (Psalm 111:2-10). God's principle is, "forgive and be forgiven", "be merciful and obtain mercy", and he especially desires mercy far more than sacrifice (Hosea 6:1-6). A disciple of Jesus Christ constantly releases offenses and forgives wrongs. Such behavior is antithetical in the individualist, self-propelling, world of today.

The mercy of God is for those who fear Him (Psa 103:17). God does not relent of His character or moral standards, but He can certainly relent from executing judgment when He finds those who will seek His mercy. The fear of the LORD is much lacking today, even though Christ taught it to His disciples (Luke 12:5).  The fear ( ירא (yârê')) of the LORD is to morally revere or to stand in awe of His glorious majesty. That results seeking His mercy at all times and prizing His grace. The fear of the LORD will lead us to cry out to Him not on the account of our righteousness but His great mercy for Him to hear and forgive, listen and act (Daniel 9:16-19). For the LORD delights in showing mercy and will be the One to cast our sins into the depths of the sea (Micah 7:18-20). And we cry out to God for blessing and mercy (Psalm 85) so that His way and salvation may be proclaimed  in all the earth and to all nations (Psalm 67).

In contending earnestly for our faith, we are encouraged to build ourselves up in our most holy faith, to continually pray in the Holy Spirit, keep ourselves in the love of God, and look to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.  In this stature He will preserve us as His Holy Body till the great and awesome day of His coming. Praise the Lord (Isaiah 12 & Psalms 149)!

Note: This is the 4th release in the series of Scripture Songs compilations. As most of you already know, all the songs are freely available for download online, and this is a virtual release.


  1. So glad I found you site from Youtube. They are beautiful and what I really needed. Thank you for making them available!

    1. So glad you found us too :-) and you are very welcome. The LORD bless you.

  2. Thank you so much for all the time and these beautiful scripture that you have done! I just found your YT channel and now your website today. I subscribed at YT. God bless you for sharing these scriptures and playlists as you have! You have done each one so beautifully with photos and words! Thank you for the many you've made available!

    1. Hi Peggy,

      Thank you for subscribing, and for your comment. Your appreciation for what we do is much appreciated, to the praise of our God and Father, and His Son, our Lord and Savior. The joy is ours in sharing with all who love the Word of God set to music :-)


  3. wonderful music! so calm and beautiful,but most importantly straight from the Word of God. i had long given up listening to music because i could find nothing i felt brought glory to God. thanks for this.

  4. May I know where to purchase the CDs? God bless.

    1. Hi, this is a virtual release/album We've made the songs are available for download, and you may compile them into a CD for your personal use. God bless you.

  5. May the Father bless you richly for blessing us richly in praise and worship music from Him!!
    Glory to Him for being instruments of edification to the body!! :)

  6. Esther good job with yr compositions n the music. Continue with the talent that God has bestowed upon u.heard rebekah's song in hebrew n fell in love with her voice. Love hedy