Songs of Ascents (KJV) 2020

01 Psalm 120 "In My Distress I Cried Unto the LORD"
02 Psalm 121 "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills"
03 Psalm 122 "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem"
04 Psalm 123 "Unto Thee Lift I Up Mine Eyes"
05 Psalm 124 "Our Help is in the Name of the LORD"
06 Psalm 125 "They That Trust in the LORD"
07 Psalm 126 "They That Sow in Tears Shall Reap in Joy"
08 Psalm 127 "Except the LORD Build the House"
09 Psalm 128 "Blessed is Everyone That Feareth the LORD"
10 Psalm 129 "The LORD is Righteous"
11 Psalm 130 "I Wait for the LORD"
12 Psalm 131 "Let Israel Hope in the LORD"
13 Psalm 132 "My Resting Place Forever"
14 Psalm 133 "Dwell Together in Unity"
15 Psalm 134 "Behold Bless Ye the LORD"
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The 1st Scripture song album, Songs of Ascents (NKJV), was released in 2010, exactly 10 years ago. Due to popular requests, we started recording KJV Scripture songs in 2017. Apart from Psalm 120, all the tunes from this album are similar to the original release.

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  1. Very nice. "Broom tree" lead me to question if NKJV people thought that would be a more meaningful term than "Juniper" or if they were just plain meddling. Thank you for a serious and engaging song.

  2. I was on your youtube channel and I was so blessed to see you subscribed to David Pawson. He's got to be my favorite teacher. Looking forward to meeting him and all of you. God bless and Maranatha!!!!